Elite Co Inc. is a general contracting and management company, headquartered in San Dimas, CA.
About our company.

Since, 1999, Elite Construction has maintained its status as one of the leading companies in the construction industry, because of our ability to simply listen to our client’s needs and exceed their expectations with integrity, hard work, and dedication. Relationships, Quality, and Time are the 3 most important pillars of this company. We are a customer service driven company at our core. Our vast portfolio includes, but is not limited to, commercial fast-food restaurants, retail establishments, medical offices, new residential construction, remodels, state funded residential rehabilitations, and insurance restorations.

Senior Management
Caleb Cabrera, CEO

Caleb, founder of Elite Construction and its principal owner, offers exceptional service and superior client experiences by overseeing all phases of construction. He is known for his project management skills, industry innovations, and integrity. He has earned a verifiable reputation for keeping projects on schedule and within budget by personally coordinating all elements from design, planning and scheduling to the operational coordination of manpower, materials and equipment. Caleb cultivates crews of productive, loyal employees by being a forthright, detail-oriented supervisor, who offers an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. His success reflects his experience, leadership skills, and how he prioritizes professional relationships and client satisfaction to provide the highest return on investments.


Caleb pursues quality work and success with the same intensity and passion that he entered the construction trade with at the age of 14. He observed and participated in implementing the best methods to achieve the high quality results, while efficiently containing costs. Through dedication and discipline Caleb has come to possess the experience and expertise necessary to address and meet the complex construction challenges in today’s demanding engineering and regulatory environment.

Vince Perez, Operations Officer

Vince Perez is a seasoned entrepreneurial professional of twenty years who has successfully directed millions in contract work. He energetically provides insight, guidance, vision, coordination, and strategic planning to Elite Construction projects. Having started as an estimator for an insurance restoration contractor, Vince knows the importance of detailed bidding, budgeting, contract/claims negotiating, and project accounting. He is known for his warm personable character and easy communication style. These combined with his exceptional skill in coordinating owners, construction supervisors, architects, project managers, sub-contractors adjusters to work as a cohesive team make Vince and integral part of Elite Constructions success.

CJ Cabrera, Project Manager

CJ is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the project and managing the flow of information between the client, project team, and subcontractors. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Like his father, CJ pursues the same quality of work ethic, intensity, and passion that his father had entering the construction trade at the same age of 14. Wielding a sledgehammer, a shovel, and a broom he absorbed the profession in the trenches.  He learned about the foundational tools, materials, assemblies and equipment, and experienced first-hand how best to work with trades people and professionals. CJ aspires to one day fill the shoes of his father and is well on his way.

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